Problems with Stablecoins

  • Fall of Terra/UST
  • De-pegging of USDT
  • Risks associated with Stablecoins
    • Leveraged capital
    • Limited Banking hours support
    • Lack of Audit on Cash Reserve
    • Limited banking support

How do you Protect your project?

  • Dangerously linked to Stablecoins
  • Dangerously linked to Central Bank Monetary Policies
  • Too much correlation to Global capital markets

How ComTech Gold (CGO) can help?

  • Gold is a decentralized asset class
  • Gold is a bearer asset
  • ComTech Gold is backed by fully backed gold (See audit Proof)
  • Maintaining liquidity with ComTech Gold (CGO) of your project will de-risk from stablecoins
  • De-risk from fluctuations of capital markets
  • Directly redeem gold via regulated channels as min 1 KG bars. A Gold bar can be delivered to most the countries worldwide with small logistic fees
  • Mint Gold via regulated channels as min 1 KG bars
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