Making Gold Easy To Own & Easy To Trade.

Today's Gold Market Has A Problem

There is no investment-grade gold product that is both easy to own and easy to trade. Physical gold is hard to store and transport. Gold futures are easy to trade, but don't give you ownership of the underlying commodity.

Our coin solves this problem by providing a 100% physical gold-backed digital tokens.


Enjoy the Magic of Gold
Token Size and Pricing

Each token represents 1 gram of pure gold. It will be priced at the prevailing rate for gold on international markets.

Shariah Compliant

Shariah Compliant Fatwa Certification awarded by Amanie Advisors Ltd, making ComTech Gold, a first in the industry to be awarded a Shariah certification for a Gold tokenization product.
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Vaulting and Storage

Physical gold bars are stored in the UAE in internationally accepted vaults. They are stored separately from other gold in the vault.

Gold Backing

All gold tokens are 100% backed by real physical gold. The gold comes in standardized 1 kg bars of 999.9 purity from internationally recognized refineries.

Conversion of Gold Token

Token holders have the right to convert their tokens to physical gold. Any investor holding coins equivalent to 1 kg or more of gold can cancel their tokens in exchange for equivalent gold in multiples of 1000 tokens (1 kg gold).

Digital Custodian

Gold tokens are issued with an approved digital custodian. The custodian will maintain records to offer accountability and an audit trail of all transactions in your wallet.

Built On XDC. Owned By You.

The ComTech Gold system is built on the XDC Network.

XDC is the world's first hybrid blockchain. It connects both public state and private sub-networks. This protects your data while remaining transparent and auditable.

XDC's goal is to help enterprises enhance their business infrastructure, reduce costs, and improve visibility. With interoperable smart contracts, near zero fee transactions and high security, the XDC Network is designed to support a wide range of novel blockchain use cases.

Built on XDC Network

Why ComTech Gold (CGO)?

  ComTech Gold Logo PAX Gold Major Gold ETFs Retail physical gold coins, bars and other gold products
Custody Fees NO FEE NO FEE 19-40 bps per annum 10-100 bps per annum
Minimum Purchase 0.001 gram 0.01 t oz ~$20 1 share (currently $200) Variable
Time to Settle INSTANT* 15 mins to 1 hr T+2 days T to T+5
Redeemable for Physical ✔︎ ✔︎ ✗︎ ✔︎
Shariah Certification YES NA NA NA

* Typical on-chain transactions for CGO moving on XDC network settle near instantly. When you create CGO on the XDC platform, tokens will typically be minted and delivered the same day (some larger transactions will settle the next business day).

In The Media

Store Your Gold In The City Of eGold

Dubai Is Called The City Of Gold

Almost 1,200 tons of gold are traded in its souks. By strictly observing Shariah principles, we envision making Dubai the city of e-Gold.

100% Allocated Gold

When you buy a CGO token, you don't buy an imaginary entitlement to unallocated gold that doesn't exist. You buy a real, physical piece of gold, identified by a unique serial number.

One Token = One Fine Gram of Gold

And you can even invest in fractional amounts of a token, divisible out to 18 decimal points.

Zero Custodian Fees

CGO charges Zero custodian fees. This offer is for a limited time only.

Instant Settling Time

With ComTech Gold, you tap into the power of one of the world's largest blockchain networks. All transactions are settled at the speed of light, with a secured, decentralized verification protocol.

ComTech Gold (CGO) Ecosystem

CGO works in a wide ecosystem of vaults, exchanges, wallets, lending platforms, and more.
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